Company Introduction Development History

Smart Bay Technology as the Smart Home service aggregation platform, our company has always been based on the concept of customer-centric, providing support and services for partners at all levels of the Smart Home ecological chain.

Company Strategy Core

Around the applications and scenarios of Smart Homes and Smart Communities, to assist the communication operators, community IOT operators, real estate properties service provider etc. and other institutions. Our company provide them the assistence to connect various types of smart devices and Smart Life services, the development of overall solution for a Smart Life service management platform and the integration of the Smart Life supporting service capabilities in the process of close-loop services, and gradually forming a close-loop of user-centric smooth services. Thereby, to create value-added positive circular Smart Home and Smart Life Ecological Development System.

Shareholders introduction

One of the shareholders of Smart Bay Technology is Shenzhen Vispractice Technology Stock Co., Ltd., (Vispractice Technology). Stock Code: 836688. Vispractice Technology was founded in 2004, it is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in providing financial sharing service platforms and SOA sharing service platforms. The company is headquartered in Shenzhen, with branches or offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Hangzhou, Nanchang, Zhengzhou, Ji’nan, Chengdu, Xi'an and other places.Company products: Financial Sharing platform, SOA Sharing service platform, Cloud Storage gateway, and enterprise welfare platform operations.The company's major customers include: China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, ZTE, CSOT , TCL Group, TBEA Co.,Ltd, Tiens Group, China XD Group, Yunnan Baiyao, FIYTA, C&D, and Pacific Insurance.The company's main partners: ZTE, Digital China, Neusoft Group, Jingdong, Oracle, Tibco, IBM and so on.Vispractice Technology has three levels of computer information system integration qualification and Shenzhen dual-software certification, has passed CMMI-3, ISO9001:2015 certification, has nearly 30 invention patents and more than 40 software copyrights.Business philosophy of Vispractice Technology: Look far ahead and aim high, Lide practice! The company always stands at the forefront of the development of science and technology and follows the traditional virtues of “Loyalty, Filiality, Humanity, Righteousness, Courtesy, Wisdom, Faith” Using appropriate products and technology to provide quality service to customers.

Qualification of Shareholders

Core Team

Richard Cai (Founder)

Shenzhen Sirida Media Co., LTd. Chairman of the Board

Shenzhen Smart Home Association Secretary-General

Shenzhen Smart Bay Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager

Cai Xueyuan (Co-Founder)

Shenzhen Vispractice Technology Corporation General Manager;

Mr. Cai has worked in Jiujiang Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd., Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., and ZTE Corporation as an IT Engineer, IT Project Manager, Chief Engineer and General Manager of products.

He Minglu (CTO)

Since 2009, Mr. He hold a post as Deputy General Manager in Shenzhen Vispractice Technology Corporation in charge of SOA, cloud computing and big data product lines;

2001-2009, Mr. He held a post as a Development Engineer, Project Manager, and Product Chief Engineer in ZTE Corporation;

Peking University CIO Lecturer, Lecturer for long-term appointments of the Master of Engineering of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Meng Wei (Deputy General Manager)

Mr. Meng is responsible for the market channel construction, solutions and marketing of Smart Bay with 10 years of experience in the communications industry. Successively worked for Huawei (8 years) and WPG Holdings. He has been engaged in the R&D of communications equipment network management products for 6 years, and Huawei network product sales for 2 years, accumulating a wealth of solution and marketing experience of communications products.

Li Jianping(Deputy Director of R&D)

Mr. Li graduated from Hunan Normal Universit of major of Computer Science and Technology who has rich experience in R&D of smart phones, Wi-Fi products and IOT industry. He is mainly responsible for the intelligent overall solution, and IOT innovative applications, services close-loop build, as well as platform operation.

Mo ZheYuan(Deputy Director of R&D)

Mr. Mo graduated from Changsha University of major of Computer Science and Technology who has rich experience in mobile terminal processor R&D, technology research of IOT industry. He is mainly responsible for the intelligent overall solution, and IOT innovative applications, services close-loop build, as well as platform operation.

Development History

In 2017



    Smart Home Exhibition Hall (Shenzhen, Foshan)

    15 projects of community landed

    Build a prototype roomin Dongguan,Guangdong

In 2016


    Became the exclusive agent of Huawei Openlife China


    Help Huawei Openlife to create an interconnected hardware connection ecosystem.



    Smart Home Association


    The Smart Home Association was established and promoted in an industrial manner for the first time.

    Put forward the industrial structure.



    Accumulation of Smart Industry resources


    Visited more than 400 related companies in China and accumulated a large amount of the underlying technical knowledge.

    Lead Sirida Media to carry out and spread the technology market.



    Accumulation of Semiconductor Market Trader


    In 2005, seven companies that had invested in the company were integrated into two companies, Shenzhen Longsys Electronics Company Limited and Saifan Semiconductor, to take charge of Saifan Semiconductor as a chip distributor and solution provider.

    From 2005 to 2009, became the exclusive agent of Wuxi's silicon-powered FM chip, gaining a market share of 80% at the highest level, and snaking between 50% and 80% for 3 years, driving Philips FM chips out of China.

    From 2007 to 2009, assisted in the promotion and sales of MP4/PMP chips by Beijing Junjun, creating a one-year-old Junzheng chip from 60% of its market share, and Beijing Junzheng also became listed company with our help.



    The Accumulation of Chip Underlying Technology


    In 1998, made thousands of electronic components and chips business with Longsys Electronics;

    In 2002, established Leikon Electronics (later renamed Atobo Microelectronics), committed to BROKER international electronic components trading, improve the supporting capabilities of electronic components.