Deep Partners
  • OpenLife

    OpenLife Smart Home Solution ("OpenLife") provides open access to "Internet plus" application content developers, "smart plus" Internet of Things integration service developers, and "Intelligent Broadband plus" pipeline business operators. A platform environment for the integrated development of shared and multi-service capability application scenarios. Based on Huawei's network opening and Smart Home middleware technologies and solutions, it links the interests of various types of smart terminal equipment vendors across the industry, product or business distributors responsible for product channel marketing, and other business partners. Jointly establish a new industrial environment with technology development and business operation partners in various industrial fields to enhance the market differentiation and competitiveness of various business partners' products. And work together to create a new space for the development of a broader "smart plus" service-based technology evolution and commercial market development together.

  • Beijing Wulian Port Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd.

    Beijing Wulian Port Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise established on the basis of the national Internet industry technology innovation strategic alliance dedicated to the R&D and application of the Internet of Things. The Eharbour Wisdom Platform built and operated by the company took the lead in practical application in the real estate industry to build an Open IoT Ecosystem which take the real estate community and building construction as the starting point. The smart city network system is based on "Wisdom Community" and "Wisdom Building" is built to promote the universal application of the Internet of Things in all areas of the society. Community Eharbour is based on the “Open Internet Infrastructure for Secure Internet of Things” of China Electronic Technology Group Corporation and the common function platform technology of the new smart city. It is a community-based smart universal platform and an extension of the new intelligent city general function platform to the community's intelligent management and services.